• A Child Enters Foster Care Every Two Minutes.

A Child Enter Foster Care Every Two Minutes.

We See. We Care. We Are Here To Make An Impact

El Roi Foster Ministries was founded with the sole purpose of bringing awareness and providing support for the unseen children growing up in foster care. Our founder Savannah Blair, experiencing the foster care system herself, believes that the things that cause us the most pain, and trauma, are the things we typically don't speak about.

So what happens to the children who have been traumatized by their time in foster care? They are silenced with pain. They feel alone, unimportant and unseen. When looking at the statistics you can see that many of our children coming out of foster care are not talking about what it felt like to be alone and forgotten by the world. If anything, they’re doing the opposite, they are running from their pain, numbing their pain, searching for love in all the wrong places or just struggling to survive.

Being hurt by the people who were supposed to love and protect you is a traumatic experience that no child deserves and can result in lifelong struggles. At El Roi we believe that if some of us who have experienced similar childhoods can speak up and be a voice for the voiceless, our pain will not be wasted. If we can speak up for these children and bring the community together to support them, we can break the cycle, one child at a time. Our God is bigger than the vicious cycle of foster care! Our God sees! He sees these children and cares for them and it’s our responsibiliity to be His hands and feet to stand in the gap, care for them, and point them to Jesus.

We pray that you join us in our journey!

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